Where to Find Sex in Guangzhou

It is all known that prostitution in China is illegal, and this oldest profession exists everywhere in China. A high proportion of prostitutes are migrant workers who travel from the countryside to big cities in search of work. Though inevitably some are forced into prostitution, most of them do so voluntarily

Guangzhou is the third largest city in China after Beijing and Shanghai. It is not surprising that you can find sex in Guangzhou easily. Massage parlors, saunas, bars/clubs, KTVs, street hookers, barbershops and outcall service/escort girls are all available for sex. However, after the prostitution crackdown on Dongguan, Guangzhou was affected as well. Many prostitution spots have stopped offering sex service in Guangzhou for the time being. Here, we are going to introduce “where you can find sex in Guangzhou”. 

Escort Girls

To some extent, the word escort is equal to prostitution. Many escort girls offer incall escort service in Guangzhou. If you are looking for pretty Chinese escort girls, you can check out Guangzhou Escort Find. Here is the recommendation of Guangzhou escort girls.

Mature Escort Lan

1389945548546Self-introduction: Hi gentlemen, my name is Lan. I’m 45 years old, mature, experienced and charming. I offer incall escort service in Guangzhou Tiianhe Park area. I can provide BBBJ, HJ, Anal Rimming, 69, Deep throat, CIM, Anal Sex, COF and massage services. I have many sexy lingerie, silk stockings and adult toys. Having been touched? Call me now then.

Phone:  13794398896


Massage Parlors/Saunas

In Guangzhou, there are uncountable formal or informal massage parlors and many of them offer special service. Massage girls will inquire you if you need something extra during the massage.  Getting your affirmative answer, they will go out to take tools like oil, gel and other things needed for sex. Popular massage parlors/saunas in Guangzhou:


1368606554198It is located on the Qiyi Road in Yuexiu District. It has beautiful environment around and the transportation nearby is convenient. Lift opens to reception area where a receptionist will greet and ask you whats your preferred treatment. All massage can be done by pretty ladies, the massage technique is really in place.

Address: No.4, Qiyi Road,  Yuexiu District

Phone: 020-83338168

Waterway Hotel Spa

1369894332599Located on the Donghua South Road, Waterway Hotel Spa has luxurious decoration and warm service. Masseurs are professional and their press techniques are good. They can offer you full service. Guests have to ask the manager for more services when they ask guests if they want a massage in the resting area and those services are only available 8 pm to 8 am.

Address: 163 Donghua South Road,  Yuexiu District

Phone: 8380-6868

Pickup Bars/Clubs

Working girls usually show up in pickup bars or some clubs when the night curtains fall. You only need to order a cup of drink, sit there and wait for girls coming. You can negotiate the price with them. Once you reached an agreement, you can take her to your hotel( your hotel need to be girl-friendly).

Kama Club

1380011813871Opened on October 8, 2003 and originally known as the Harley Disco, Kama Club is situated in the Jinyi Tower on the Hengfu Road.  It has  quality material and tasteful designs. It is a famous night club favored by the enthusiastic fan of Harley. The new name Kama Club is originated from the Indian Goddess Kama. More feminine sides were put into the decorations of the club.

Address: Jinyi Tower, Taojin Garden, No.248, Hengfu Road,  Yuexiu District

Phone: 020-83580600/83585115


In many large-scale KTVs, girls can accompany you to sing songs in KTV rooms if need. Special services are also available when you pay them reasonable tips. Hua Hai Hotel KTV is one of those offering specials services in Guangzhou.

Hua Hai Hotel KTV

1382517783542Hua Hai Hotel KTV, also known as Sailor Club, is located on the third floor of Huahai Building and the same level as Hai Xing Sauna. Its interior environment is clean and cozy. Decoration is luxurious and KTV facilities are advanced. After you order a room, there will be a couple of lineups of girls before you waiting to be picked. The damage of KTV (400 RMB) plus the fee for girls will be 800 RMB (one pop included).

Address: 3/F, Huahai Building, 232 Middle Jiangnan Avenue,  Haizhu District


Street Hookers

imagesWalking in some area of Guangzhou, you may find some street hookers hang and they will inquire you if you need special service when you pass by. The price of street hooker is usually cheaper than other working girls. You can find street walkers in Guangzhou from these areas:

1. Sha Wei Village (Often about 10 working girls in an alley of Sha Wei Village)

2. Garden Hotel area. Not that great, and is hit or miss.

Advice: Be careful when the hookers ask you to go with her to her place because you never know who are waiting for you at her place. It can be a scam and you may be robbed.

Barber Shops/Hair salons

Barber shops and Hair Salons also can be brothels in Guangzhou. You may find these places usually have curtains at the door. Once guests get in, girls inside will draw the curtains.

Golden Phoenix Barber Shop

1381986412236Golden Phoenix Barber Shop is located on the Santang Road in Panyu District. You can get there by finding the East Computer City on the Huancheng West Road. Then walking towards west and for 100-200 meters and turn left you will arrive at Santang Road. The Golden Phoenix Barber Shop is 10 meters ahead on your right hand. Young girls there offers handjob for 80 RMB and if you are lucky enough when it’s not tense time, ML is avaliable for 150 RMB.

Address: 119 Santang Road,  Panyu District

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