Where to have A Memorable Dinner with your Escort Girl in Wangfujing

Wangfujing, one of the Chinese capital’s most famous shopping streets, was located in Dongcheng District, Beijing. It starts from Wangfujing Nankou (“south entrance”), where the Oriental Plaza and the Beijing Hotel are located and the Wangfujing Subway Station north exits. Then heading north and passing the Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore, the Beijing Department Store as well as the Beijing Foreign Languages Bookstore before ending at the Xin Dong An Plaza and Wangfujing Catholic Church.

As a famous spot, Wangfujing is definitely worth a visit, it is densely packed with restaurants, offering a wide variety of food from Western to Eastern. however, You don’t have to go alone, a Beijing escort girl can be your companion for dinner and tour guide.  There are many well-trained escort girls in Beijing with perfect figures and gorgeous faces, they are sweet and thoughtful, willing to  accompany you and have some memorable time together. Finding a Beijing escort girl is a fresh way to visit Beijing, making your stay more interesting. Just feel free to take her to some amazing restaurants and enjoy a great date.

Le Cabernet 卡本妮法餐厅le_副本

Address: Novotel Peace Hotel, 3 Jinyu Hutong


Tel: 010-65128833 ext.7621

Description: Le Cabernet is a French restaurant situated in the Novotel Peace Hotel. Featuring similar interior designs and atmosphere to the local restaurant in Paris, the Le Cabernet serves the most authentic, exquisite and traditional cuisines. The waiters here are fluent in French. Though there are limit dining space, the restaurant presents a brand-new dining experience. The romantic restaurant is just the perfect place for a date with your escort girl.

East 33east_副本

Address: 1/F, Building E, Raffles Beijing Hotel, 33 East Chang An Avenue, Dongcheng District


Tel: 8610 8500 4331

Description: East 33 is famous of authentic international flavors. It is an elegant restaurant offering guests a variety of delicious foods. From traditional Chinese dim sum to Italian pizza, the restaurant provides customers with unique international buffets. Besides buffet meal, East 33 also has private dining rooms. There are best places for guests to enjoy authentic perking dark. Chefs will skillfully carve roasted dark in front of your table. Dining here with your escort girl will definitely be memorable.

Chang An Yi Hao 长安壹号长安_副本

Address: 1/F, Grand Hyatt Beijing, 1 East Changan Street, Dongcheng District


Tel: 010-65109608 85181234-3608

Description: This restaurant situated on 1F of Grand Hyatt Beijing with a ambitious name, providing standing dishes. It has small pattaern, but the atmosphere here is quite cozy and romantic with special decoration. The open kitchen makes the whole cooking process direct to customers, with some soft music playing, creating an amorous feeling. Roast duck is a specialty with really good. This stylish restaurant is a good choice for you and your girl to enjoy yourselves.


Address: 1/F, Raffles Beijing Hotel, 33 East Chang An Avenue,  Dongcheng District


Tel: 8610 8500 4331

Description: Enjoy light and innovative fine French cuisine in the midst of 1920s glamour. Boasting a century old Bösandorfer piano, an original 1920s dance floor and sparkling crystal chandeliers, the décor graced by majestic French windows overlooking Chan An Avenue showcases the days when Raffles Beijing first served as the meeting place between Chinese and Foreign dignitaries. You will not miss the amazing restaurant to have a romantic dinner with your girl.

Redmoon 东方亮redmoon_副本

Address: 1/F, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Beijing Oriental Plaza, 1 Dongchangan Dajie,  Dongcheng District


Tel: 86 10 8518 1234 ext: 6024

Description: Redmoon is located on the lobby level of Grand Hyatt Hotel. It is a fashionable and elegant Japanese restaurant bar offering the freshest sushi and sashimi along with creative cocktails and exciting wines. This stylish wine bar, sushi bar and cigar lounge provide 20 different wines and sake cocktails. In the evening, live band will play soft music to create a relaxing and happy atmosphere. The romantic atmosphere is just perfect for a date.

Brian Mckenna The Courtyard 马克南四合轩brian_副本

Address: No. 95 Donghuamen Avenue, Dongcheng District


Tel: 010-65268883

Description: Brian Mckenna The Courtyard is a restaurant that provides the most creative dishes, such as Terracotta Warriors, Garden Salad, Beef and bones. When it comes to fun, the most representative dish is Garden Salad. All things on the plate are eatable, such as stone as petal which are made from potato and many other vegetables. Taking your escort girl here for some special dishes is a great choice and as the start for the crazy night.

Lijiang Courtyard(Zhaonei Branch) 丽江庭院之午后阳光(朝内店)270b91f4abc7084e1b52068501517baf

Address: 1 Interior Street, Nanxiao Street, Zhaonei, Dongcheng District


Tel: 010-65598848 65598893

Description: It provides you with a cozy atmosphere, red painted door, wooden stairs and stone floor will bring you back to mysterious Lijiang. It specializes in kinds of hot pot, all the materials are strictly selected to guarantee fresh. It is a place to slow you down and enjoy life. You can have a special dinner with your escort girl to experience the cozy life.

The Grandma’s(Wangfujing) 外婆家(王府井店)下载 (1)

Address: 6/F, amp, 138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcehng District

地址:东城区王府井大街138号北京apm 6楼

Tel: 010-65275115 65277170

Description: The grandma’s specializes in modified Zhejiang Cuisine, providing you with warm and delicate decoration, trying to create an enjoyable atmosphere for you. It offers kinds of delicious dishes with reasonable price. You can have a try to enjoy Zhejiang cuisine with your escort girl, I am sure you will have some sweet time.

Fu Hui Ci YuanVegetaian Restaurant 福慧慈缘素食餐厅下载_副本

Address: Xila Hutong, 53 Dongan Street, Wangfujing, Dongcheng District


Tel: 010-51385789 51385788-8001

Description: As a vegetarian restaurant, Fu Hui Ci Yuan gives you cozy and elegant atmosphere, and it keeps you away from the hustle world. The whole decoration is full of Buddhism flavor, making you feel like it’s a place to purify your soul. All the food are made by fresh vegetables with good taste, having something light to eat is not bad once in a while, and with your girl, it is also worth a try.

Quan Ju De(Wangfujing) 全聚德烤鸭店(王府井店)Img257023719

Address: 9 Shuaifuyuan Hutong, Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District


Tel: 010-65253310

Description: Quan Ju De, has won fame for Beijing Roast Duck both at home and abroad, you will definitely not miss it. They utilize traditional technology to roast ducks, ensuring soft taste and crispy skin, perfectly matching with the thin pancake, sweet sauce, shallot and cucumber. Taking your girl and taste the authentic Roast Duck, it will be an unforgettable experience.

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