Why Does the Shanghai Massage Girls Not Use Their True Photo?

There are many people would like to know why the Shanghai hot girl does not use the real picture for themselves, the answer is that not only those Shanghai hotel girls but also any Chinese massage parlor such as the best spa in Shanghai does not use the real photos to demonstrate their massage girls, so in case that someone is telling you that he is employing a massage girl who has the genuine photograph to perform her outcall service in Shanghai, then you should believe that she is just telling a lie. But if you do not like to listen to this reality and would rather to believe this lie, you can have a try, then just call her to your hotel. Not long after that you will feel that you are really an trustworthy man, because you will find that this Shanghai girl really is different from the girl picture, this will teach you a lesson after you spent your money.

19Possibly you may not understand this kind of cheating, but this is really existed in Shanghai. The following is a true example I have seen on a blog, the story is about a foreigner scammed by a massage girl whom he contacted by internet before her arrival to Shanghai. He said that the girl was very pretty on the net and gave him her mobile No to call her when he got to Shanghai. This man mailed her two times before his trip and asked her to send more different photos of her, but she didn’t. when he had arrived in Shanghai, he called that massage girl to come to his hotel, she came but then the man find that this girl is completely different from the picture and then he feel that he is scammed real good. This is the true story about the massage girl use the unreal picture to get the request. But this really is what any massage center or independent massage women have to do if they want to provide the massage in Shanghai. They have to use fake photo. In contrast to any other countries, China is actually a typically conservative country and our tradition can’t accept a woman use her real photograph to do this. If her genuine photo is observed by a friend, relative even her parents, she will be very embarrassed, Her reputation will probably be entirely destroyed. As a result no massage girl can be persuaded to make use of her real photograph on the website.

So what I can help you maximum is to arrange a same type of and alike girl if you are intereted in a particular photo in my blog. FYI, I can introduce MORE girls than demonstrated in my blog. I do suggest you not to be too picky. This is not selecting a girlfriend or wife. This is just an entertainment. Do not call me and ask me to send girls’ real photos to your email. That is completely impossible.  Many of these ads are using photos of Japanese AV models, so you are likely to see them in Japan than in Shanghai. Below is a sample of the photos from some of the ads. If I am a customer and am told the truth as above, I will be happy to accept a real shanghai escort girl as long as she is not ugly and is my type. On the other hand, I will hate that somebody tell me photo is real. Although using fake photo is cheating, I will like to be told the truth that this is a have-to-do and friendly cheating.

So in general, what the massage center can help you is to arrange a exactly same type of the that you are interested in. they can introduce much more massage women in their own website and list the detailed information of them. But you should not to be too picky. You should remember that you are not choosing a girlfriend or wife, you just choose a service from them. So if you want to book a massage girl, you should not request the agency to send the genuine photos to you because it is really impossible. There are no girls are willing to let the agency send her actual photograph, in case that I want to get a massage in Shanghai, I can accept a real massage woman who can provided very professional massage service but she can not be too ugly.

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3 thoughts on “Why Does the Shanghai Massage Girls Not Use Their True Photo?

  1. Kevin

    It’s interesting that you mention this: it’s done to protect the girl’s identity from being discovered by friends and family, but my question is… what does the girl say she is doing as a job when her friends and family ask? Surely the friends and family will pick up on what’s happening eventually, yes/no?

    On a reIated note, is the picture that you have of yourself really you or from a model?

    1. AiAmmy Xu Post author

      Hello, Kevin
      Most massage girls in China don’t put their real photo on the website for protecting their identity, it also means that they have found an excuse about her job to her family, I think it will be a white lie because if her genuine photo is observed by her parents, she will be very embarrassed and her parent will very sad.
      For your doubt about my photo, I want to say that the picture is not my real photo.


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