Zhi Zu Kang: the Largest Massage Parlor in Tsuen Wan

Zhi Zu Kang was firstly founded in 1996 in Tsuen Wan. With friendly service attitudes, comfortable massage environment and strict sanitation standards, Zhi Zu Kang has changed from a small-scale shop into the largest massage parlor in Tsuen Wan District and has three branches in Mei Foo, Hung Hom and Tai Wai respectively.

1. Zhi Zu Kang (Tsuen Wan Shop)

1Located in Tsuen Wan District, Zhi Zu Kang (Tsuen Wan Shop) is the head office of Zhi Zu Kang in Hong Kong. The head office was founded in 1996. With high-quality service attitudes, comfortable massage environment and strict standard of sanitation, Zhi Zu Kang (Tsuen Wan Shop) has turned from a small massage parlor into the largest massage parlor in Hong Kong. The building is three layers high and covers an area of more than 6000 square feet where can contain near one hundred consumers at a time.

Address: 31 Zhaohe Street,  Tsuen Wan

地址:    荃灣兆和街31號

Tel:        2614 1466 / 2419 7266                  电话:2614 1466 / 2419 7266

2. Zhi Zu Kang (Mei Foo Shop)

588Stepping in “Zhi Zu Kang”, just like walking into the hotel. Gorgeous and elegant decor,  friendly service attitude, rare is the popular price. With area of thousands of feet, the massage hall  can accommodate more than 10 people to enjoy the massage at the same time.

There are many single/double massage rooms in Zhi Zu Kang. No matter you visit this shop  alone, or with your friends,  Zhi Zu Kang can give you the best service and satify your  different needs.

Address: Room 7C, No.55 – 57, Mei Foo Sun Chuen Phase 2, Kowloon

地址:    九龍美孚新邨二期平台55 – 57號7C舖

Tel:        2742 5666 / 2742 4566                   电话:2742 5666 / 2742 4566

3. Zhi Zu Kang (Hung Hom Shop)

3Zhi Zu Kang (Hung Hom Shop) was newly founded in July 2013. It is the third branch of Zhi Zu Kang in Hong Kong. It is two layers high and covers an area of more than 2400 square feet which is able to contain a group of customers at one time. The first layer is the foot massage hall and the second layer consisits of full body massage rooms. On the second floor, there are single, double, triple and quadruple massage rooms for you to choose so it is a good place for you and your family or friends to enjoy the excellent massage services in Hong Kong.

Address:  underground 4F Shop, 34B Tak Man Street,  Kowloon City

地址:    紅磡德民街34B地下4F鋪

Tel:        2365 0300 / 2365 0307               电话:2365 0300 / 2365 0307

4. Zhi Zu Kang (Tai Wai Shop)

2Zhi Zu Kang (Tai Wai Shop) was opened in the beginning of 2012 in Tai Wai. It has been well-received since it was on business. On the first floor, it’s the foot massage hall where looks like a hotel hall when you stepping into the gate. With cheap prices, friendly service attitudes, gorgeous and elegant decoration, it attracts a group of consumers every day. Walking upstaires, you will come to the full body massage rooms where contains many single and double massage rooms. Zhi Zu Kang (Tai Wai Shop) will provide you tailored treatments according to your needs.

Address:  No. 63 South Road, Tai Wai Shop D2,  Sha Tin

地址:    大圍村南道63號D2鋪

Tel:        2606 0059 /2606 0069               电话:2606 0059 /2606 0069

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